AeroNordic ApS

Adelgade 63, 2. tv.
6043 0019

Who are we?

An independent and agile engineering company focused on composite materials in general and wind turbine blade in particular. We strive to treat our customers professionally and fair regardless of the size of our customer. We never compromise on the quality of our engineering services.

Typical services:
 - More than 450 blade damage assessment in 2016
 - Key industry experts in LEP systems and processes
 - Full blade maintenance documentation – specifications, procedures and instructions.
 - We develop and implement blade inspections and maintenance processes

We offer the full package of asset management on wind turbine blades:
 - Blade buy-off – inspection and reporting.
 - In service blade assessment
 - Future blade maintenance strategy and detailed planning

Basically, we operate as your operational blade engineering organisation, as and when you need it.